Personal Training Coaching Approach

What is fitness coaching?

Generally speaking, the word “coaching” covers everything related to a specific field. So fitness coaching covers things that affect and improve your fitness. How physically fit you are doesn’t necessarily mean how much and how well you exercise. Indeed, improving your physical fitness entails more than an hour of exercise three to five days a week and/or following a specific pattern of physical activity and exercise.

In fitness coaching, the emphasis is on physical training, eating, movement, and recovery. In fact, things like optimal physical activity, purposeful training, good nutrition, no movement restrictions or discomfort, and enough rest are all critical to your physical fitness. Our clients receive all of them as part of their fitness coaching at Bring You Health. They get fitter, move better, perform better, and change the way their body looks in a short time.

When you can run at a moderate speed for an hour or so; when you don’t get tired while doing some physical activities during the day; when you can carry, lift, push, pull, and raise something with confidence and no pain; if your body recovers quickly and you feel well after a vigorously active day or event or a training session; if you can walk and sit for longer hours with proper posture and without being so-called mindful; if you can stand and move symmetrically without pain; and if you have an adequate amount of lean body mass and fat, there is a high possibility that you are physically fit. If you are not physically fit, let’s start your health journey here. Taking care of your health is one of those things that you will never regret, and the sooner the better.

It’s worth noting that physical fitness is divided into different components. For optimal health and performance, you need each component to a certain extent, and there should be a balance between them. Cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, balance, reaction time, coordination, better movement, power, speed, and agility are the components of physical fitness. Your training programme will cover all of them.

Since most are interested in exercising, there is one thing that everyone should know: the difference between training and exercising.

Training vs Exercise

Training is not exercise. Most people exercise but don’t train. Training and exercising are two different things, indeed. Exercise is any kind of physical activity that raises your heart rate by a moderate amount without producing any specific results other than improving and maintaining your health. This benefit is not a bad thing; indeed, most people are looking for such benefits when embarking on exercise and physical activity. However, exercise may not always provide additional health and fitness benefits after a certain time.

On the other hand, training needs a systematic, comprehensive plan and programming to help the body adapt, recover, and grow its physical capacity over time at a reasonable rate without any psychological seeking.

A training plan would often include increasing the amount of work to be done, getting better at skills, and measuring and keeping track of physical progress over time. Training is much ore enjoyable and rewarding as long as there is no competition either with oneself or others, no movement restrictions, no nutrition deficiency, no incomplete recovery, no overtraining, and no undertraining.

What does your fitness coaching include?

In order to live well, everyone wants to have a sound mind and body. We can’t live peacefully as long as we hurt ourselves and others, either the hurt is physically or psychologically. If you and I can see and act out of freedom and love, we can do something meaningful with passion, not only for ourselves but also for others. Only a brain that is free of the past and of suffering and a body that functions at its best can live that way. To understand this absolute truth and live in absolute peace, we offer a comprehensive health coaching program, including online coaching worldwide and 1-on-1 coaching in Bangkok.

However, fitness coaching isn’t mainly about getting to the bottom of your psychological problems. Instead, it’s designed to improve one’s physical fitness, which goes beyond exercise. It covers everything that directly affects your physical fitness. So the focus is on physical activity, training, food and nutrition, movement, and recovery, as mentioned above.

So why offer fitness coaching instead of a health coaching programme? It’s because most clients are only interested in training to improve their physical fitness and lose fat. We have only removed the psychological aspect of fitness coaching, and the rest is the same as in health coaching.

What do we mean by saying “health”?

The four things—movement, physical activity and training, nutrition, and meditation and/or self-knowing—all contribute to health, and each shouldn’t be focused on solely. If we work on each of them at the same time profoundly and meaningfully, we can address physical and psychological problems as a whole, not partially. And we think that is the paramount necessity of living happily without any chronic physical pain or psychological suffering, which is health.

How does fitness coaching work at Bring You Health?

We are based in Bangkok, Thailand. We offer 1-on-1 coaching in Bangkok as well as comprehensive online coaching worldwide.

1-on-1 fitness coaching in Bangkok

You may exercise 3 times with your coach (60 to 75 minutes) and 1 to 2 times on your own. You will receive your training and movement coaching during coaching sessions. Nutrition coaching will be delivered through our dedicated mobile application or through a social media application. Indeed, you will not be coaching only during the coaching session; your coach will be in touch with you throughout the day whenever necessary. Learn more about our 1-on-1 coaching programme in Bangkok here.

Online fitness coaching worldwide

If you would like to subscribe to our online fitness coaching or online health coaching, you may exercise 3–5 times a week on your own. You will receive your online training programme, nutrition coaching, movement correction, and much more through our dedicated mobile application. Learn more about our online health coaching.

Who is a fitness coach?

Coaching is an art that needs to be learned from second to second. Coaching and teaching are not two different things. With precise coaching, no negative words or actions exist. If there are such things, that is not coaching; it would psychologically involve following and implementing certain behaviours, systems, and guidelines; it is not coaching and understanding. In the deepest sense of coaching and teaching, there is no place for following a belief or system.

For this reason, a fitness coach is someone who understands what teaching is in the first place. Then, it is very important to know about things like exercise physiology, human anatomy, performance, and recovery, as well as how to lose weight and gain muscle mass, to name a few.

All our coaches and trainers are knowledgeable and professional in their fields of practise and are certified in many fields through reliable organisations accredited by organisations such as the NCCPT and NCCA.